Kolaj Thing

Riuh 2023

Celebrate the National Month at Kembara RIUH Edisi Pulau Pinang this Friday and Saturday! Join various exciting activities on the 4th 5th of August 2023 at Juru Auto-City, Seberang Perai, Penang. https://www.riuh.com.my

It’s a Kolaj Thing!
A Handcut Collage Workshop with Fauzi Yusoff.
4th & 5th August 2023

Kolaj Thing @ Riuh Penang Tour 2023, Auto-City Juru, Penang.

04 – 05.08.2023

Kolaj Thing @ Riuh Penang

Kolaj Thing was successfully launched @ Riuh Penang 2023. Thank you for coming. See you guys on the next workshops!